What My Clients Have to Say


"Jasper seems really contented since we've started to use your services, and we think this is a reflection of your skill and caring. We were filled with trepidation taking on longer work schedules than we had previously, but we are reassured now that Jasper has fun. He is so well behaved when we come home. We love seeing him with all the big black dogs (Japser was attacked by a black dog when he was younger) and your photos really capture his personality!"

~ Tricia and Chris

Winston & Glorie

"As new residents in London, we had no idea what options existed for our dogs Glorie and Winston. To our luck, we came across Lara serendipitously. In just a week, all of our worries evaporated and it quickly became obvious that Your Dog Walker was a great match for our dogs and us! The daily email updates and photos we received at work relieved us, and coming home to tired, happy dogs was a great benefit!....Lara is truly an expert in what she does; she is always in-tune with the dogs and exercises utmost poise and professionalism with dog owners. We are glad to have found her and plan on continuing a long-standing relationship with her and Zoe :)"

~ Allison + Corey, Winston + Glorie





"Our lab, Abby, just loves to spend time with Lara - at the park, at our place, or when having a sleepover when we're out of town. Lara relates to animals in a caring and empathetic way. She sets to work right away, doing whatever is needed to make your pet's life the best that it can be. Lara is an animal-lover, and that really comes through in her work. Thanks Lara!"

~ Ali and Abby

Abby Pup & Raven

Zoe pup & Abby


"Your Dog Walker is such a great idea and Lara is terrific. Lara has been working with us for quite sometime now and Duke loves her; he is super excited when Lara comes walking through the door. We have "Your Dog Walker" walk Duke once a week. It just helps to break up the week up for him, and to get him his exercise if we are out and working too much – your furry friends deserve a little pampering too!

Your Dog Walker is not just your dog walker, they also do some basic (or in our case, extensive) training. We rescued our little guy, Duke at 12 weeks old and we have had dogs for along time; however we have also gotten busier over time so Duke didn't always have the proper training. Sure we walked him and he had socialization with all our friends who have dogs, but it's not the same as using Your Dog Walker. They are committed to you and your pet and you can rest assured no harm comes to your pet.

Now that we have Your Dog Walker, there is no turning back we will remain with them.

~ Kim, Phil and of course Duke

Baron, Shelby & Sable

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Lara for over 10 years. Her love and care for all kinds of animals is exemplary. Lara takes to time to understand the personality of each and every dog she meets. This allows Lara to give your pet the best in care and for walking, especially at the London Free Doggy Parks. I will be going in for hip surgery in the very near future and Lara will be the person I will turn to, to help me with my three dogs (2 Shih Tzu's and a Chow). Lara has the skills, dedication, and the affection to help you with your dogs (and ferrets) when you are unavailable. I highly recommend Lara. You will find Lara the Dog Whisperer of London. Thank you."

~ Patti B.

Mati & Boo

"This letter will provide a testimonial for Your Dog Walker and Lara Tyminski. Lara has been providing dog walking and nail clipping services twice a week for Boo and Matilda for approximately 10 weeks now.

I have found her to be reliable, trustworthy and professional in her dealings with both me and my dogs. She certainly has a way of making the dogs feel comfortable with her; even though Boo tends to be shy. They willingly follow her out the door for whatever experience she has planned for them that day and they come home worn out and full of stories about their adventures. They have become quite calm on their leashes, something I thought could never happen, and I'm thrilled that I can now walk them, instead of them walking me. Boo is far less aggressive when coming into contact with other dogs on the street and in the park than before Lara's teaching.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone who cares deeply for their dogs well being and am confident you will not be disappointed.

It's been a pleasure working with Lara.

~ Boo, Mati and Liz

Mati and Boo waiting for Lara