Services for Ferrets

* Due to the threat of ECE (Epizootic Catarrhal Enteritis) and ADV (Aleutian Disease Virus) in ferrets, I will only book one ferret play date per day, to prevent the spread of disease throughout our ferret population.*

Ferret Play Date

Your Dog Walker (and ferret lover) will come to your ferret's home and spend 30 minutes of playtime with your ferret family. There will be lots of time for wrestling, playing, hiding, and treats and cuddles!

1-4 Ferrets =$16
4 + Ferrets =$20

* Contact us for rates if you have separate ferret play groups or special needs ferrets.

              What You Need

  • A ferret-proof, safe playroom
  • Ferret treats, laxatone, linatone
  • A list of your ferret's favourite hiding places, any medical needs and any other special issues you feel Your Dog Walker will need to know about your ferrets.

~ We recommend investing in a piece of 4" wide black plastic tubing from your local hardware store to be used as a slide and hidey hole! It's super fun!!!

            What We Bring

  • Over 20 years experience working and living with ferrets.
  • Awareness of ferret behaviours, both good and bad!
  • Hands on experience rehabilitating rescued ferrets.
  • Volunteer grooming for the London Humane Society and King Animal Clinic.
  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid and CPR Certified.

Additional Services

Bath and Fluff Dry ~ $6 each

All Natural pet shampoo, treat of cat laxative, towel fluff dry (you will need to provide ferret towels and a place to bath your ferrets i.e. sink, laundry tub etc)

Ears and Nails ~ Squirmers $6 each ~ Biters $10 each

Sometimes it seems like ferrets have no bones in their bodies! They're so flexible and hard to hold on to. Your Dog Walker will safely trim your ferret's nails, and do a gentle cleaning of their ears.

* Contact us about Ferret Sitting!