Services for Dogs

Dog Park Outings (30 minutes) - $25

Monday - Friday. Hours Vary Based on Bookings.

Your Dog Walker will pick up your dog and with up to 2 other social dogs, will chauffeur them to one of London's off-leash dog parks. Here we will spend 30 minutes walking and playing off-leash, interacting with other dogs, meeting new people and basically doing the things that dogs do! * Walks may be shorter due to extreme weather conditions.* Your dog may be out of your home for up to 2 hours due to travel time for dog pick up and drop off.

Your dog may become wet and muddy, Your Dog Walker will provide a wipe down and towel dry, but you should provide a dog friendly place to receive your dog in your home!

* Your Dog Walker will only take up to 3 social dogs on park outings. If you have Giant Breeds, we will only take 2 dogs.

Additional Dogs:
2nd dog from the same home - $8
3rd and 4th dog from the same home - $5 each

Dog Walks (Group, 30 min.) - $18

Availability: ~ Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm ~
For more options see Early Bird or Dinner Date Below

Dogs are social animals, and boredom and lack of exercise can lead to problem behaviours. Your Dog Walker will come to your dog's home and together (possibly with other social dogs) we will explore the sights and sounds of your neighbourhood. All dogs will learn proper walk etiquette, while still having time to stop and smell the roses (or pee on them!) Not only are they getting much needed exercise and socialization - learning new behaviours provides mental stimulation leading to a happy and healthy dog!

Your dog may be joined by other social dogs from your area or Your Dog Walker's Chocolate Labrador, Zoe.

A 30 minute walk, with time for water and cuddles!

Additional Dogs:
2nd dog from the same home - $7

Private Walks (Your Dog Only, 30 min.) $22

Monday - Friday. Based on availability.

The same great service offered in our Group Walk, for your dog only! If you prefer your dog to be walked individually, or your dog has social or behavioural issues, this is the service for you.


IF YOUR DOG HAS NO LEASH SKILLS, OR BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES, YOU WILL BE CHARGED ADDITIONAL FEES. Your Dog Walker will discuss this with you after your dog's first walk.

Breakfast Date or Dinner Date for Dogs $24

Monday to Friday ~ 7 to 9 a.m. and 5 to 7 p.m. ~ (30 min total)

Crazy schedule? Your Dog Walker will come to your home, feed and play with your dog, and provide a 20 minute walk.

Peace of mind for you, a special date for your dog!


Statutory Holidays + $6 ~ NSF Charge $30 ~