Welcome to Your Dog Walker

A lifetime of passion and experience and deep understanding of canine behaviour are what you will find with Your Dog Walker. Since  2010, Your Dog Walker has been offering professional dog walking services that fit your individual dog's personality.

Serving Central London - Woodfield, Old North, Old East, Old South.

Your Dog Walker is located in The Historic Woodfield District in London Ontario Canada.

Big or small, short or tall, we love them all! If your dog has social, behavioural or aggression issues, we'd still be happy to work with them! Our services are available for all dogs. *If your dog has no leash or social skills, additional fees may apply.

With over 20 years experience living with, rescuing and rehabilitating our fuzzy friends, Your Dog Walker is pleased to offer pet care services for ferrets too! Play times, baths, nail trims, even walks if you want!

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Off-Leash Dog Park Outings Our Specialty

ferret services